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How it all started

Hi, I'm a guy who simply decided to start a small e-commerce business because I wanted to buy something and didn't find it available in stores!

Here is the story :)

One sunny summer day in 2015 while at the beach in the beautiful city of Dubai, UAE. There I was walking to the seashore along with my wife and two little daughters carrying an umbrella, two beach chairs, a bag full of towels and baby stuff.. Wife was carrying water bottles and sand toys... Did I mention one of my daughters holding on tight to my swimming shorts while tiptoeing avoiding sand to get in her slippers... Then Bang!

Why isn't there something on wheels that would just carry everything and make my life a lot easier....  After a lot of research I found NONE! in the U.A.E. 

So I simply decided to import one from China that I didn't really like, then another Bang! why not just modify it, build it and start a small business out of it?

Then here I am a year later, after a lot of changes to the structure, wheel base, molding, fabric testing, trouble shooting and finding what me as a customer would really want to make it the ultimate wagon for all purposes... Plus many many more meticulous details.

I present to you the GoWagon.

The GoWagon can really go anywhere, folded in seconds, put it in the trunk of your car & easily store it at home.

I personally take it grocery shopping. So no more carrying plastic bags from the car to the house.

Great for a day at the beach Finally!, I also take it to the park, desert safari and BBQ, even around the mall for a normal shopping day.

Please feel free to get in touch, ask me anything or if you have ideas to develop the Gowagon... why not.

Hope you enjoyed my little story and I wish you enjoy your Gowagon as much as I'm enjoying mine.


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